• Software design and development—from single assembly routines for embedded and mobile targets to large libraries and programs running on PCs. Most of our projects require special skills in a wide range of knowledge areas such as discrete mathematics, standards and other normatives related to programming languages, cryptography and compiler optimizations. We have a good experience in development of large software systems; some of our projects are more than 150 KLOC in size and they are still reliable and maintainable;
  • Software customization—adding new features to and optimization of existing software so it meet your requirements.
  • Technology consulting, code audit, software security consulting, language lawyer services and general consulting related to development tools—audit of existing code in respect to discovering bugs, compiler- and/or platform-dependent statements, potential incompatibilities and security issues. Being members of the C and C++ working groups in the ISO/IEC committee we are knowledgeable in related normative papers.
  • Software testing and quality assurance—writing test suites, testing frameworks and testing scenarios for completed projects as well as code in development.
  • Maintenance and support—bug fixing, resolving of performance issues and providing explanations related to technical matters to end users.